ASSA ABLOY Card Products and Services

Superior Finished and Semi-finished Cards and Components Featuring RFID Card Technology and Custom Printing with or without Visual Security Elements

ASSA ABLOY delivers some of the world’s most advanced and reliable contactless credentials, combining innovative ASSA ABLOY radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with industry-leading expertise in the construction of secure identity materials. Proven printing and visual security processes and automated technology manufacturing systems ensure efficient and cost-effective production of the highest quality cards and components.

Decades of custom printing experience ensures projects are handled expertly with the utmost efficiency. With a history of producing the most challenging of card designs, customers can rely on Sokymat to assemble and produce the optimal credential solution for your application.

For technology projects, customers can choose a contactless chip to fit application requirements for operating frequency, memory capacity or anti-collision capability. Customers can integrate contact technology as well, such as a smart card microcontrollers or magnetic stripes. We can embed the required technology into secure credentials, including: