Bands, Keyfobs - Specialty Form Factors

Convenient Contactless Credentials for Specialized Applications

ASSA ABLOY RFID transponders are embedded in a variety of specialty formats, creating secure credentials that are optimized for user convenience and reliable performance in almost any conditions. A range of a contactless chip options are available to fit application requirements for operating frequency, memory capacity or anti-collision capability. The chip is securely encased in a housing that protects the electronics and optimizes performance.

ASSA ABLOY Keyfobs are easy to carry in a pocket or purse, ensuring program participants keep credentials at hand. Cost-effective keyfobs can enhance a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial applications, including access control, contactless payment, vending, customer loyalty, near field communications (NFC), and automatic fare collection (AFC) schemes.

ID Bands adjust to fit almost any wrist and provide consistent performance despite active use and exposure to moisture. Built for use in water theme parks or spas, these bands withstand constant motion, repetitive impact with waterslides and pool sides, exposure to outdoor elements and continuous immersion in chlorinated water. These same properties make ID Bands effective in health care and fitness applications. Each band adjusts to comfortably fit any patient’s wrist, while withstanding the stresses of vigorous exercise, physical therapy, and exposure to the heat and moisture of pools, baths or saunas.

ASSA ABLOY specialty products are configurable to any application requirements, including: